XJBXJ-400X2SVT/500X2SVT Full Auto High-speed Dual servo Vest Bag Making Mahine

1. High Yield Design
This machine is specially designed for high-yield vest bags. It can be completed on two fully automatic production lines from feeding to finished products. Any problems in the production process can be automatically stopped, and an alarm sounds to avoid wasting plastic bags and protecting the machine. .
2. Easy to operate
The machine adopts the operation interface, which is easy to operate, and can display the reason of the stop on the operation panel during the shutdown, so that the operator can easily understand the reason and reduce the downtime.
3. Servo motor feed
This machine uses the servo motor to feed, ensuring the accuracy of the bag length, without the maintenance and mechanical loss and affecting the length of the bag.
4.Automatic feeding device
This machine adopts automatic feeding device and cooperates with the host to match the host speed, automatically adjusts, no need to adjust manually, and cooperates with the force control to reduce the feeding fatigue and maintain the tension of the plastic bag.
5.High quality parts

This machine adopts high-quality, high-efficiency parts to reduce the failure rate of the machine. The feeding process is supplemented by a blowing device to keep the plastic bag stable during feeding.

Main technical parameters:

Model XJBXJ-400x2SVT XJBXJ-500x2SVT
Maximum sealing width Max.360mmx2pcs Max.460mmx2pcs
Maximum sealing length Max.650mm Max.750mm
Sealing thickness 0.012~0.03mm 0.012~0.03mm
Yield Max.350pcs/minx2 Max.350pcs/minx2
Electric heat 4.5kw
Full station backup 8kw 10kw
Machine size(LxWxH) 700x158x180cm 700x158x180cm
Machine weight 2500kg 2700kg