XJBXJ-400X2SVT/500X2SVTAutomatic high speed vest bag binding machine

1. The machine is fully adjustable in size.
2. It can produce three-fold bags and four-fold bags.
3. Folding automatic strapping and folding without strapping function adjustment. 4. One machine is multi-purpose, the production speed is fast, and the degree of automation is high.
5. Reduce manpower, improve product quality and output, and reduce production costs

Main technical parameters:

Model XJBXJ-400X2SVT/500X2SVT
Maximum working effective stroke 2600mm
Packing A/B double channel folding packaging
Hot needle distance 450(MM)/550(MM)
Platen width 818(MM)/918(MM)
Platen height 830 (MM)
Package length Adjustable 330-600 (mm)
Package width Adjustable 200-350 (mm) /200-450 (mm)
Packing speed Single channel 6--7times/min (1 piece number 30-100)
Operating mode Using servo motor, PLC touch screen control
transfer method Electric / pneumatic / belt type
Material contact part Made of 304 stainless steel; other parts are carbon-coated
Scope of application Medical, food, daily chemical, agricultural, and other industries
Process flow Automatic Grab → Auto Incision → Automatic Folding → Automatic Packaging Automatic Counting + Finished Product Delivery
Maximum air consumption 0.8mpa
Maximum power 1kw