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Ruian Xinjia Machinery Co,Ltd. In the field of mechanism, have developed themselves rapidlydepending on continuous research on and application of advanced techniques. Many in the last years xinjia people have been holding such beliefs as Exceeding oneself, Customersfirst, Pursuing excellence and respectable trade mark. We have spared no efforts on the enterprisemanagement and science and technology advancement. We also have stuck to the strategy of takingpart in market competition together with other factories. In face of the information revolution in the new century, Xinjia people keep a firm grasp on the qualityoftheir products, know as quality with me; customers inside me! By careful decision-making, long-termprogramming, right managing mechanism, they have set up ....... Read More
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  • 31 2019-05 Bag making machine
    We are generally used to pack bags for summer clothing such as shirts, skirts, pants, tweezers, towels, bread and accessories. Usually, the bag has a sticker on it and can be directly sealed after being placed in the product. In the domesti.......
  • 31 2019-05 Bag making machine features
    The bag making machine is specially designed as a point-breaking continuous flat pocket and a point-breaking vest bag. Using computer control, the stepping (servo) fixed length system makes the sealing and cutting size error small. The de.......
  • 31 2019-05 Bag making machine definition
    Bag machine (English name: Paper Bag Machine) is a machine for making various plastic bags or other material bags. The processing range is for various sizes of plastic or other materials with different thickness and specifications. Generall.......